Amazon to Include Ad Placements on Select Third-Party Apps

Amazon is set to give brands more mileage by expanding the cost-per-click Sponsored Products ads on select third-party apps and websites. Advertisers will have their content placed across partner sites such as Pinterest, Hearst Newspapers, BuzzFeed, and Raptive, among others.

Colleen Aubrey, senior vice president of Amazon Ads Products and Technology, said Sponsored Products has always been helping customers discover products they may love. “We are excited to now apply what we’ve learned about connecting customers and products in meaningful ways to a range of great websites and apps.”

Amazon said placements on third-party pages will be determined by the likelihood of appealing to the consumer, relevant page context, and the brand’s already determined cost-per-click parameters. The company has invested in machine learning algorithms to continually improve ad relevance, broadened campaign targeting parameters from keywords to include product attributes, and enhanced advertiser bidding controls.

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Advertisers using Sponsored Products do not need to take any action to appear on these sites or apps. These Sponsored Products ads will automatically show up when we think a customer is likely to be interested in a product, based on relevant page context, the campaign, and cost-per-click parameters that sellers have already established.”

Aubrey said Amazon has been building and evolving Sponsored Products in its store for more than 10 years, leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms to show advertising that’s highly relevant for customers, and therefore highly effective for the advertisers. Amazon will connect customers and products in a meaningful way to a range of great websites and apps.

Guy Cohen, chief product officer at Skai – an advertising intelligence agency, said customers today are exploring products across a range of apps and websites. “We’re seeing advertisers successfully plan and execute digital advertising strategies by shifting their focus and success metrics to the customer.”

He highlighted that Amazon’s latest innovation of its Sponsored Products ads enables our clients to achieve exactly that. Cohen explained that the ability for advertisers to efficiently scale their reach with highly relevant advertising, while enabling them to track their performance holistically, and ultimately drive business impact through Amazon’s store, is what excites everyone about this.

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