Dreams Deploys Gillian Anderson Star Power for ‘Thank what a Dreams bed could do for you’

Bed retailer – Dreams, has launched a brand campaign with X-Flies actress Gillian Anderson for “Think what a Dreams bed could do for you”. The company drew inspiration from the fact that we spend up to a third of our lives in bed and we often pay very little attention to the mattress that plays a significant role in our quality of sleep.

Dreams | Brand Campaign | Gillian Anderson
Image Source dreamscouk

Jo Martin, Dreams CMO, says Dreams wants to be the first choice for people looking for a high-quality mattress and bed that’s perfect for them. “Through this campaign, we wanted to convey the importance of finding the right mattress, and the care and attention we give to every aspect of the customer journey – from our products and how we look after customers in-store to setting up the bed as an important part of someone’s home.”

Gillian Anderson features in Dreams £4 million multichannel campaign. She draws attention to a 60-foot art installation made entirely of mattress, into a dreamscape – inviting people to question what they sleep on before showcasing how a Dreams mattress can transform their sleep.

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