‘Go Beyond What You Think’ Lionel Messi Throws his Weight for Saudi Arabia Campaign

Saudi Arabia’s global ambassador Lionel Messi is leading Saudi Welcome to Arabia latest campaign “Go Beyond What You Think”. The campaign, a combination of TV, social media, and online travel agents tactics, is launching in key markets in Europe, India, and China. It spotlights Saudi’s open and welcoming culture and the importance of inspiring young Saudi women to reach their full potential.

The official statement says the campaign brings to life the UN Tourism ‘Tourism Opens Mind’ initiative that launched on World Tourism Day in Riyadh in September 2023. It extends an invitation for travelers to broaden their horizons and explore unchartered corners of the world.

Saudi Arabia, Welcome To Arabia': Lionel Messi stars in latest Saudi tourism campaign | Tourism – Gulf News

“Governments and industry were presented with a special pledge, calling on them to promote new and under-appreciated destinations while consumers pledged to ‘be open-minded to new cultures and destinations, holding an open heart while traveling. Lionel Messi is one of many leading international figures who took that pledge. Messi has a fond connection with Saudi Arabia being a frequent visitor to the country, including most recently with his wife Antonella and their two children last spring. Messi and his family have expressed delight in their Saudi experience and a desire to continue visiting the country.”

The campaign features the Argentine footballer approaching several walls, with the first one with a “Just a Desert” label. He strikes it to show views from the Red Sea. Messi says “What I love about Saudi is that I always discover what I never expected.” The star footballer strikes another wall that has the label “Nothing much Happening” and shows various events taking place like the Riyadh Season.

One of the walls has the label “Girls Can’t”. A young girl strikes the ball across, highlighting the Saudi Women’s National football team, DJ Cosmicat, and astronaut Rayyanah Barnawi.

At the end of the advert, Messi says “Go beyond what you think.”

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