Mindy Kaling Gets Innovative with Sharpie and Paper Mate ‘Let’s Get Creative’ Campaign

Two legendary writing brands Sharpie and Paper Mate have joined forces for the ‘Let’s Get Creative’ campaign featuring American actress, and producer Mindy Kaling to make the world more creative. The campaign is based on recent survey findings that more than three-quarters of Americans lack the confidence to explore their creativity.

Sharpie and Paper Mate surveyed 2,000 people to understand their feelings about their creative abilities. The survey found that 78 percent of respondents identified themselves as creative, with three-quarters of Americans wishing to engage in creative activities more often. It highlighted that 71 percent of respondents believe creativity makes a person more attractive, 37 percent of respondents rely on writing, drawing, painting, and doodling to alleviate stress. Moreover, the survey stated that 94 percent of Gen Z respondents regard creativity as a reflection of their brand.

Gina Lazaro, Vice President, Brand Management, Writing at Newell Brands, believes everyone has the power to be creative. “We want to encourage people to harness that power and share their creativity far and wide.” Lazaro said the ‘Let’s Get Creative’ campaign demonstrates the brands’ investment in instilling creative confidence and celebrating ingenuity by breaking down the barriers that keep people from getting creative like fear of judgment and having the right tools. “The SXSW festival was only the beginning of our exciting mission to equip consumers with the tools and encouragement they need to confidently share their gifts with the world.

The brand partnership highlighted that writer, actor, and producer Kaling understands the importance and challenges of creative expression. The Hollywood personality said tapping into creativity is something that she does daily. “It’s been fun for me to partner with Sharpie and Paper Mate to help others expand their definitions of creativity and show them what they’re capable of with some encouragement and the right tools. It was so fulfilling to share my creative tips and tricks with others seeking inspiration at SXSW.”

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