NSPCC is ‘Not Letting Go’ with T’Nia Miller, and Impactful Visuals

With parents’ emotional and mental wellbeing at heart, the NSPCC has actor T’Nia Miller reciting a poem written by Darren Smith about the journey of parenting from birth to children leaving home and living their independent lives as an adult. The ad also features graphic stills and animations by Martina Langa.

Kevin Yeates, head of brand and content at the charity, said the NSPCC is known for its work to prevent child abuse and neglect. He highlighted that the organization also supports families to keep children safe and well.

“This powerful new ad campaign will hopefully make parents feel less alone and more inclined to reach out to the NSPCC for help with the everyday anxieties and challenges that they face while bringing up their children.”

Ad director Imbuldeniya, who marked his directorial debut with this spot, said the ad is the antidote to the perfect Instagram family. “It highlights the everyday scenarios and challenges that many face but rarely discuss, to show parents that they are not alone. We wanted to ensure that we took the viewer on an emotional journey with a pace that mirrored both the busyness and emptiness that parents can often feel at different stages of a child’s life.”

She explained they also wanted the visuals to stand out from the usual charity ads of the past by taking on a more positive tone with vibrant colors, compelling graphics, and a whimsical soundtrack. “The resulting ad gives parents something they can empathize with, at times even laugh about and hopefully in turn feel more confident about reaching out to the NSPCC sooner and more often.”

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