The Future of Air Travel: Unpacking Hong Kong International Airport’s New Ad Campaign

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) and Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) have recently launched an exciting new brand campaign that spotlights the airport’s extraordinary features and its position as a global leader in aviation. Let’s explore what the ad campaign featuring celebrity experiences offers for the people who visit the airport.

Hong Kong
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Connecting People to Possibilities

In collaboration with Edelman Hong Kong, the campaign showcases the seamless travel experience offered by HKIA and highlights its state-of-the-art technology and world-class facilities. The campaign is brought to life through a series of compelling films and out-of-home billboards that feature some of the city’s most accomplished and relatable personalities, shedding light on what makes HKIA stand out among the world’s premier commercial airports.

The campaign represents a significant milestone in celebrating HKIA’s exceptional efficiency, professional team, and cutting-edge services. By partnering with renowned individuals such as artiste Do Do Cheng, actress and travel show host Sarah Lee, and entrepreneur Eric Gnock Fah, the campaign authentically captures the meaningful connection between HKIA and the people of Hong Kong. These influential figures share their personal stories and experiences, emphasizing the airport’s role as a pillar of success in the city and a global leader in travel. Through their narratives, the campaign aims to evoke a sense of pride and appreciation for HKIA among the people of Hong Kong and beyond.

A Purposeful Selection Process

At the core of HKIA’s branding journey lies the deliberate choice of ambassadors, a careful curation that goes beyond celebrity glamour. “We didn’t want to use a celebrity for the sake of using a celebrity,” says Karen Ng, General Manager of Corporate Branding and Marketing at AAHK. Instead, the focus was on personalities with a unique relationship with HKIA, individuals whose stories evoke a sense of pride among the people of Hong Kong.

Spotlighting Shared Successes

Rather than emphasizing the usual stress of travel, the campaign highlights efficiency, convenience, and heartwarming memories, portraying airports as places of excitement and community rather than just temporary spaces. By promoting HKIA’s essential role in the city’s global success, the campaign aims to instill civic pride in the ongoing progress. Through compelling storytelling and strategic creativity, this project seeks to recognize HKIA as an aviation leader that fosters strong connections between brands and the people they serve. By celebrating shared accomplishments, HKIA aims to renew its reputation for excellence and continue propelling communities forward.

Hong Kong
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Seamless Travel Experience

In the competitive landscape of global travel, HKIA sets itself apart by offering a seamless travel experience. The campaign accentuates the airport’s newly advanced services, ultra-modern technology, and unrivaled facilities. These elements collectively contribute to HKIA’s brand promise of not just facilitating journeys but also creating memorable and positive travel experiences.

Hong Kong international Airport brand travel facilities
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As the campaign takes flight, HKIA’s branding efforts are poised to redefine the airport experience. It goes beyond the physical attributes of the airport, aiming to encapsulate the emotional connection travelers have with HKIA. The strategic partnership with Edelman Hong Kong underscores a commitment to celebrate the airport’s unique features and position it as one of the best global travel experiences. In this story of success, HKIA’s destination branding shines, inviting the world to see not just an airport but a brand that flies higher than the rest.

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