Exploring the Food Emotionscape: Postmates’ Creative Campaign

Postmates, a food delivery app, has launched a new campaign named ‘This Is Your Brain on Food’. The creatively excellent campaign integrates art to transform the food delivery experience. Let’s delve into how Postmates’ innovative campaign is changing the world of food delivery.

The Emotional Appeal of Food Delivery

Food delivery is not just about satisfying physical hunger, it’s an emotional experience. LA creative agency, Mother, has embraced this idea and incorporated it into their campaign for Postmates, which features the work of renowned artists. Postmates was established in 2011 and acquired by Uber in 2020. It is a service that provides food delivery for restaurant-prepared meals and other products. If humans were rational beings, they would rarely use food delivery services as it is more cost-effective to cook or shop for food themselves. However, advertising for these platforms focuses on appealing to our emotions rather than logic.

The Artistic Approach

Entitled ‘This Is Your Brain on Food’, this trippy campaign illustrates the powerful spectrum of emotions you experience when you indulge in the food you crave. Because no food feeling is the same, Mother tapped different artists to interpret what your brain experiencing food might look like, ranging from boba tea to doughnuts.

The Integrated Campaign

The integrated campaign features popular food items from select local merchants available on the platform across Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. It aims to illustrate the experience that Postmates delivers: how the food that you crave – a chemical reaction wired to your brain – unlocks a distinct, visceral feeling when you take your first bite.

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Image Source: motherla.com

Creative Techniques

The spots feature a range of creative techniques. For example, Boba, created by multi-hyphenate artist Laurie Rowan, uses 3D CGI animation with 2D embellishments to recreate the sensory experience of drinking a flavorsome boba tea. Meanwhile, Howlin, created by animation filmmaker Veronica Solomon and animation director/painter Gustaf Holtenäs., harnesses clay animation to depict the story of Keith, a rather unremarkable motorcycle driver, and his journey to becoming the legendary flying biker Diablo, powered by the magic hot chicken he ate. Nexus Design Studio, the motion design division of production partner Nexus Studios, assisted in artist identification for the campaign.

Capturing Cravings Through Creativity

Postmates CCO Leland Maschmeyer notes that the campaign taps into the primal, emotional nature of satisfying hunger. The vibrant, artistic interpretations speak to the unique cravings and connections we form around our favorite foods.

Final Take

Postmates has created an innovative approach to marketing food delivery services by using art to express the emotional connection that we have with food. Their campaign stands out in a crowded market by focusing on this unique angle. The brand has partnered with diverse creators to authentically capture the range of emotions we feel when satisfying our hunger pangs. The result is an inspired campaign that resonates with our shared desire for delicious, satisfying meals.

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