Deloitte Digital Utilizes Generative AI for its Global Brand Refresh

Deloitte Digital has introduced a new, flexible brand asset platform that combines the capabilities of Adobe Firefly with the brand’s Product Engineering and Innovation. The organization used generative AI (GenAI) for its latest global brand refresh.

Deloitte said they were able to produce large volumes of personalized, high-quality content with a high degree of brand consistency with GenAI. The organization’s creative leads Tracy Smith and Michael Milligan revamped their visual identity philosophy and brand system to capitalize on the new creative profusion that’s now possible through GenAI.

Smith believes generative AI is a powerful tool for creative acceleration. She said it allows teams of creatives to ideate and iterate rapidly while maintaining high quality, expanding the palette of creative options, and opening new doors of possibility to personalize content at scale. “But harnessing the full power of these tools requires buildings in the right guardrails to protect brand consistency, mitigate intellectual property risk, and ensure that GenAI creative projects can scale without sacrificing quality.”

Deloitte rolls out generative AI tool PairD to EMEA employees


Barbara Venneman, global head of Deloitte Digital, said they needed a


new brand system that better reflected the true creative profusion of the intersecting skillsets and experience that Deloitte Digital brings to every project. “And that system needed to be flexible, fast, and consistent with the high standards of the work we deliver for clients every day.”

Christina Bieniek, deputy CEO at Deloitte Consulting LLP, said innovation in GenA, embodied in the unique ‘Orb Foundry’ equips Deloitte with a compelling value proposition that has the potential to transform marketing, sales, communications, and other sectors of business. “It paves the way for the customization of assets and the realization of personalization at scale across the entire business, marking a transformative shift.”


Deloitte Digital’s creative leads collaborated with machine learning specialists to build a blend of positive and negative prompts that fine-tuned the output of each Firefly-generated asset. This ensured that the images developed would be consistent with their approved brand system and style guide. Deloitte Digital kept the experience light, flexible, and fast, creating a way to generate net-new supplemental brand assets in under 90 seconds and convert them into template designs aligned to the organization’s most common aspect ratio and deliverable needs.

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