Good-Loop New Brand and Visual Identity Reflects Growth Journey

Good-Loop has introduced a new brand and visual identity to drive positive results for people and the planet. The branding drew inspiration from non-profits, charities, NGOs, tech brands, and media platforms for a visual language that speaks to consumers and B2B audiences.

Amy Williams, founder and CEO at Good-Loop, said this evolution represents the company’s growth journey as a business and the cementing of Good Media as a critical part of media’s infrastructure in the modern world. “Pairing that with a newly refreshed executive team focused on clear missions in their roles is a fantastic moment for Good-Loop. We are starting the year as we mean to go on strong, focused, and ready to deliver the Year of Good.”

The new branding has leveraged the hyphen, the punctuation in Good-Loop’s name, as the key design element that represents the connection between commerce and doing good. The hyphen serves as a dynamic window device, peering into the brand campaigns placed in Good Media channels, a way of spotlighting client content and demonstrating the versatility of the Good-Media category.

Good-Loop rebrand Hato

Marisa Thomas, CMO at Good-Loop, believes the act of “doing good” is increasingly complicated given the complex nature of the media ecosystem. “And there’s something our new brand aims to solve for – helping us distinguish advertising that proactively does ‘good’ via distinctive symbol which we can utilize as a stamp of approval – a signifier to consumers everywhere that this piece of content has a meaningful impact. It’s designed to further celebrate our mission and further bring to life our work pairing commercial success with good social outcomes.”

Good-Loop has also undergone a leadership restructure. Julia Hitchman, the chief commercial officer, will take on the role of chief operating officer, Ryan Cochrane, the chief operating officer, has been designated as the chief strategy officer, and Will Luttrell is the interim chief technology.

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