Higg Co Rebrands as Worldly to Reintroduce Itself to Fashion

Higg Co, the data platform behind the renowned Higg Index sustainability assessment tool, faced challenges and controversies that led to a rebranding initiative. The company has now reintroduced itself to the fashion industry as Worldly, with a vision to expand its product range beyond the Higg Index and provide comprehensive sustainability solutions. Let’s get to know more about Higg Index and the relevance of this rebrand.

Higg Index Explained

The Higg Index stands as a comprehensive suite of tools meticulously crafted by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) to empower companies in measuring and enhancing their sustainability endeavors. Within this suite, three key components take the spotlight: the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (MSI), the Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM), and the Higg Brand and Retail Module (BRM). These tools holistically evaluate diverse facets of sustainability performance, encompassing critical areas such as water consumption, energy utilization, waste management, greenhouse gas emissions, labor standards, and chemical handling practices.


For companies committed to bolstering their sustainability initiatives while minimizing their ecological and societal footprints, the Higg Index proves to be an invaluable ally. Nevertheless, it has not been without its fair share of scrutiny. Detractors have voiced concerns regarding its limited scope and a perceived lack of transparency. Nonetheless, the enduring popularity and widespread utilization of the Higg Index in the apparel and footwear industry underscore its indisputable value in quantifying and advancing sustainability practices.


In essence, the Higg Index remains an essential compass for companies navigating the complex realm of sustainability, fostering a drive towards continuous improvement and responsible practices within the apparel and footwear sectors.

Rebranding for Clarity and Growth

To address confusion among customers and stakeholders, Worldly made the strategic decision to distance itself from the Higg Index name. The rebranding aims to eliminate any misperceptions and reflect the company’s broader focus on data gathering and analytics capabilities. Worldly intends to leverage its rebranding to redefine its position in the market and pave the way for future growth.


Revolutionizing Data Collection for Sustainable Impact

Alongside the rebrand, Worldly has introduced a groundbreaking data collection platform designed to streamline and accelerate the process of collecting primary data on environmental impact from factories. This innovative tool replaces the manual spreadsheet-based approach and allows suppliers to upload production volumes, emissions, waste, and water data more frequently. By enabling near-real-time data collection, Worldly empowers businesses to track and manage their sustainability programs with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Partnerships for Transparency and Assurance


Worldly has also formed a strategic partnership with inspection and certification firm SGS to provide third-party verification of the collected data. This collaboration ensures transparency and assurance, reducing the complexity and cost associated with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and greenhouse gas (GHG) disclosures. By joining forces, Worldly and SGS aim to enhance trust in sustainability reporting and facilitate reliable decision-making.

Driving Fashion Sustainability to New Heights

With the rebranding as Worldly and the introduction of advanced data tools, the company takes a significant step towards revolutionizing the fashion industry’s sustainability practices. Brands, retailers, and manufacturers can now leverage Worldly’s solutions to effectively track supply chain emissions, monitor energy and water usage, and manage waste. The comprehensive data insights provided by Worldly enable businesses to set and achieve impactful sustainability targets, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible fashion ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

As I see it, the rebranding of Higg Co as Worldly signifies a new era in fashion sustainability. With cutting-edge data innovations and strategic partnerships, Worldly empowers businesses to better track their environmental impact throughout the supply chain. By streamlining data collection and providing transparency and assurance, Worldly aims to revolutionize the way sustainability is managed and measured in the fashion industry.

As the world continues to grapple with the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, Worldly’s innovative approach to sustainability data could help brands make a meaningful impact and achieve their sustainability goals.


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Hasin Hamza