Meesho Rebrands with Sound Colors to Evoke Confidence and Approachability

The Indian e-commerce brand Meesho recently revamped its brand identity to highlight its mission of enabling value-driven shopping for consumers across all walks of life. The rebrand showcases the platform‘s inclusivity with its products and how it helps consumers across income segments, geographies, languages, genders, and age groups realize their shopping aspirations.


A Vibrant New Identity

The brand refresh, developed in association with design agency Landor & Fitch, features Meesho’s new color palette features hues of ‘Jamuni’ and ‘Aam,’ which encapsulate the vibrancy and grandeur of India’s diversity. The refreshed color palette aims to evoke personality traits of confidence and approachability among Meesho consumers and sellers. The logo retains Meesho’s iconic ‘M’ in a more colorful and interconnected avatar, which has been strongly associated with the brand since its inception in 2015.

Emotional Connection through Auditory Touchpoints

As part of this initiative, Meesho has leveraged auditory touchpoints to build an emotional connection with users. Built on the premise of ‘all good things arrive with a ting tong,’ the company’s sonic branding identity captures the anticipation and excitement that one experiences while expecting the delivery of an online order. Meesho’s signature track plays during all legs of the customer journey, from clicking on the e-commerce application to receiving a push notification to placing an order. 

Meesho’s Journey Towards Inclusivity

Meesho’s Founder & CEO, Vidit Aatrey, believes that the brand revamp will help Meesho become the go-to e-commerce platform for the next billion consumers in India. He emphasizes the enormous opportunity for mass adoption of e-commerce in India and how the next wave of growth will come from making it pertinent for all shoppers. Meesho’s brand experience is set to evolve in myriad new and exciting ways, focusing on consumer joy and inclusivity.

Final Thoughts

Meesho’s shaking things up with a rebrand that’s all about being inclusive and putting their customers first. They’re determined to make sure every Indian shopper can find what they’re looking for. With this fresh new look, and new sonic identity, they’re keeping the best of what they’ve always been while growing and aiming to be the top dog in e-commerce in India. As Meesho keeps changing and getting better, they’re all set to make even more people across the country smile when they shop.

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Hasin Hamza