Seattle Sounders Celebrates New Brand Identity, a New Crest

Seattle Sounders FC has underground a brand evolution and now celebrates a new brand identity for its upcoming 50th anniversary. The rebrand comes after 19 months when club officials announced they would be exploring the club’s identity. Seattle Sounders showcased a new, simplified primary crest.

It features a Pacific Blue silhouette of Seattle’s Space Needle inside a Rave Green shield with a blue border. 1974, the year when the FC was founded, features on either side of the Space Needle, which is still the main element. The tweaked crest simplifies the existing concept and has been executed well. The new version is more adaptable because of its size and shape.

Seattle Sounders | Rebranding | New visual identity
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Adrian Hanauer, Seattle Sounders owner, said the club’s rebranding marks the culmination of much careful, contemplative, and thorough work. “It is incredibly rewarding to now introduce Sounders FC’s brand evolution. It was a dream achieved to bring the Sounders to Major League Soccer in 2009, but like many of our fans, my love for the club started long before its MLS era.”

Hanauer said the club’s past runs deep and proud. “That’s why we’re especially pleased to introduce this new visual identity, which isn’t so much a change as it is an evolution that more faithfully encompasses the entirety of the club. We are thrilled to continue building the Sounders legacy under our new crest as we celebrate our 50th anniversary and look ahead to the next 50 and beyond.”

Seattle Sounders | ReBranding
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Seattle Sounders FC has undergone a dramatic transformation that is relatable. It found a name that resonated with them, flirted with changes, and found a vibe that suited them. The new brand identity aligns with the club and its fans. Taylor Graham, Sounders Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer, said the new brand identity is rooted in good work. “Since Day 1, the March to the 50th project has been driven by our community. The insights, strategy, and designs were all influenced by our fans, the Seattle community, our current and former players, and more.”

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