Wakefit.co Unveils Fresh Brand Identity, Introduces New Brand Logo

A leading sleep and home solutions company in India, Wakefit.co has refreshed its brand identity and unveiled a new brand logo. The brand offers innovative and top-quality home solutions, enabling people to optimize their living spaces.

Wakefit.co believes a home is not just a place of residence it’s also a dynamic and vibrant space where life unfolds with limitless possibilities within its walls. The rebranding seeks to foster an affinity for its comprehensive range of home solutions and position itself as the go-to destination for all home needs in India.

“The Infinity Home”, Wakefit’s new brand logo, symbolizes the infinite ways in which every aspect of its homes, including people, furniture, stories, and décor, come together. The concept of the Infinity Home extends to primary and secondary iconography, emphasizing the brand’s vision. Wakefit.co’s new color palette, which drew inspiration from the colors of dawn and dusk, serves as a reminder that their solutions brighten mornings and make evenings more enchanting. Dawn represents comfort and empathy, and Dusk embodies trust, creativity, and imagination. The colors symbolize the beginning of boundless possibilities.

Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, director and co-founder of Wakefit.co, said the new identity perfectly aligns with their core belief of empowering individuals to optimize their living spaces. “At Wakefit.co, we are dedicated to simplifying living and offering innovative home solutions. This rebranding emphasizes our commitment to helping people navigate life’s transitions and find products that blend aspirations with practicality. We firmly believe that our offerings enable customers to create spaces that truly enhance their quality of life.”

Prateek Malpani, head of brand at Wakefit.co, believes the rebranding symbolizes the company’s commitment to making people’s lives easier and simpler. “The Wakefit 2.0 logo, representing The Infinity Home, is a bold and contemporary representation of a home that adapts to people’s needs and opens up infinite possibilities for them. By simplifying the process of upgrading homes and providing a diverse range of innovative products, Wakefit.co empowers individuals to unlock the full potential of their living spaces across different life stages.”

Wakefit.co’s new brand identity will be featured across online and offline channels, including brand campaigns, retail stores, packaging materials, website, and marketplaces.

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