Are Anamorphic Billboards the Next Biggest Thing for OOH Advertising?

Anamorphic billboards, the game-changer in out-of-home and 3D advertising, have become the talk of the town. It brings three-dimensional illusions to two-dimensional surfaces. Anamorphic billboards bring visuals to life, leaping out from the flat surface.

3D ads are emerging as the frontier in audience engagement. A study highlighted that 3D advertising boosted conversion rates by 40 percent compared to traditional advertising. It leverages brands and products. These billboards are breathtaking and make the audience stop and go wow. Experts say 3D illusion cuts through the noise and makes the most of those impressions.

Anamorphic billboards use mathematical algorithms to distort an image. It makes it appear in its correct proportions when viewed from a specific angle. Kenneth Soh, head of marketing at Shopee Malaysia, said effective 3D billboard advertising requires an understanding that this has to be hyper-localized to the foot traffic of audiences in the area of maximum returns. “To capture the right audience’s attention within the fleeting moments of exposure, it is crucial to deliver simple yet stunning visuals that convey a clear and concise story.”

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Soh believes a good 3D billboard should not only turn heads but also generate a bit of fear of missing out (FOMO) for those who haven’t experienced it firsthand. “3D billboards are like guerrilla marketing – they create buzz beyond those who see them directly.”

Experts say the integration of 3D billboards and forced perspective further amplifies the impact of anamorphic art in outdoor spaces. With enchanting visual impact, anamorphic billboards seize even the distracted consumer’s attention. It encourages the masses to engage longer with the ad, leading to increased interaction and potentially higher spending. This also results in better brand awareness and a more positive perception of the advertised product or service. Moreover, eye-catching ads get shared more often. This boosts brand exposure and amplifies brand reach and impact.

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