Being Smart at the Exact Moment: Inspire Brands on Customer Loyalty

Reaching the right consumer with the right message at the right moment is crucial and Inspire Brands knows just how to drive traffic to its products and services at the exact moment. Great messaging means understanding your target audience and giving them what they want at the right time.

Travis Freeman, Inspire Brands Chief Media Officer, says most consumers in quick-service restaurants (QSR) and casual-dining restaurants (CDR) are very promiscuous. He believes some consumers are very diehard loyal, but that’s only a very few.

Freeman pointed out that the attention span and span of memories are short. “For us to assume that we can send a message two days out, and then the consumer is going to remember it like a week later – absolutely not. But we also don’t have unlimited funds. So we have to be smart about that exact moment that we’re speaking.”

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Restaurant company Inspire has some great brands under its umbrella – Dunkin’; Sonic; Arby’s; Baskin-Robbins; Buffalo Wild Wings; and Jimmy John’s. But it shares a common problem with other restaurants – relying on tons of consumer data acquired through loyalty programs and other sources.

Freeman said their customers are coming and saying that they are willing to give companies their data, but what will they be getting in return? “The full funnel on our side is basically upper consideration to lower consideration, and you have to have a brand message going at the same time as that lower consideration message. That’s what’s actually driving our sales the most is whenever we’re coupling those two things together.”

The executive shared that some consumers want a value message – a free doughnut with the purchased iced coffee, while others just want brand love. “This is why the chain has made a major brand-building push this year.”

Inspire collaborated with Ben Affleck and rapper Ice Spice.

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