‘Retour Aux Sources’: Yves Rocher Unveils New Brand Strategy

Yves Rocher, a leading botanical beauty brand, has introduced “Retour Aux Sources”, its new brand strategy. It consists of three pillars – a renewed in-store shopping experience, a redesigned pricing strategy, and a revised loyalty program.

Retour Aux Sources aims to reconnect the brand to its founding mission, that is, to offer natural, responsible beauty, by cultivating, revealing, and transmitting the incredible power of plants through cosmetics with proven plant power. It also seeks to forge an even deeper and more authentic connection with the customer, whose input was at the heart of this brand repositioning initiative.

As part of the new strategy, Yves Rocher now offers customers the iconic Breton brand’s update strategy through a revamped in-store experience, revised pricing structure, and a reworked loyalty program. The brand refresh was driven by existing and loyal customers who desire the brand to refocus on its guiding principles, such as botanical expertise.

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Retour Aux Sources is guided by the overarching objective of reconnecting with the essence of the brand, its mastery of botanicals, and its art of formulation from plant to skin. Customers can also discover Yves Rocher’s new “Committed Stores” – a redesigned store concept that reflects Yves Rocher’s brand identity. The stores will embody Yves Rocher’s values by utilizing eco-friendly materials, highlighting the brand’s commitments to eco-design, formulation, and sustainable sourcing.

The stores will incorporate visually enhanced communications detailing the manufacturing process of their containers and the commitment to the reduction of plastic use. Moreover, it will raise awareness of a sustainable future in beauty with a dedicated space for the discovery of Yves Rocher’s products. Customers can take advantage of a personalized experience at the Committed Stores through skin and hair diagnostics to identify their specific needs and custom-make them a personalized beauty routine.

Yves Rocher undertook a comprehensive re-evaluation to align its prices with the brand’s definition of beauty – natural, responsible, impactful, and accessible to all. By focusing on softer, more consistent prices rather than promotional noise, Yves Rocher aims to provide customers with a shopping experience rooted in its expertise and values.

Furthermore, Yves Rocher has introduced a new in-store-only loyalty program design to encourage well-being and nature conservation. The program will allow customers to accumulate points with every purchase and earn extra points for eco-friendly product choices. Customers can redeem their points for a range of personalized rewards or use their accumulated points to contribute towards planting trees.

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