Nestle Expands Flavor in Plant-based Beverage ‘Natural Bliss’, Combines Oats and Fava Beans

In its latest plant-based dairy alternative product “Natural Bliss”, Nestle has included oats and fava beans. The new addition is an oat milk bolstered by the inclusion of fava protein to deliver 5g of protein.

Nestle plant-based dairy product “Natural Bliss”
Source: Nestle

Over the years, fava beans have gained popularity in the food and beverages industry. It is seen as a promising plant source of protein and amino acids. Fava beans, naturally release nitrogen to the soil and is well-adapted to different climates. Moreover, it is a versatile plant to grow in colder regions. When processed right, fava beans deliver neutral taste and smell.

Christoph Bolten, head of the Nestle Institute of Food Sciences, said the company is exploring fava beans’ use in different types of plant-based alternatives because it’s a great source of protein. Nestle selected the fava bean variety while developing the product to bring the most complete nutritional elements to the recipe.

Nestle plant-based dairy product
Source: Nestle

Daniel Jhung, president of Beverage at Nestle USA, highlighted that their consumers seek products that are both delicious and nutritious. “This offering delivers with a first-to-market blend of oat and fava bean protein that offers more protein than the leading oat milk brand, less sugar than dairy milk, and can be enjoyed in several ways, at any time of day.

Nestle is trying to meet the demand for plant-based beverages by expanding its Natural Bliss portfolio beyond the creamier aisle to introduce its first-ever ready-to-drink Oat Milk. The product will be available in Original and Unsweetend varieties.

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