Get Your Burger in a Hurry: How McDonalds ‘Faster Food’ Campaign is Revolutionizing Food Delivery

In today’s fast-paced world, getting food delivered to your doorstep has become a necessity. And McDonald’s is making it even faster with its latest print campaign called ‘Faster Food.’ The campaign showcases the iconic McDonalds staples, including burgers and sandwiches, rendered at high speed, as horizontal stripes. Despite the motion blur effect, each poster is still grounded in the recognizable colors of its hero offering, making them instantly recognizable.

How McDonalds 'Faster Food' Campaign is Revolutionizing Food Delivery
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Created by No Fixed Address, the campaign aims to advertise McDonald’s presence on DoorDash, a popular delivery app. According to the agency, Canadians can now satisfy their cravings faster than ever with McDelivery on DoorDash. The ‘Faster Food’ posters evoke movement and a feeling of rushing by, perfectly capturing the essence of the fast-food brand.

How McDonalds 'Faster Food' Campaign is Revolutionizing Food Delivery

McDonald’s is no stranger to clever marketing campaigns. The brand has previously distorted or minimized its iconic products to catch consumers attention. From type-only billboards to blurry burger ads, McDonald’s has always been innovative in its approach to advertising.

But the brand’s latest ‘Faster Food’ campaign takes things up a notch. By breaking down the components of each sandwich into isolated layers, the posters achieve a motion blur effect that perfectly captures the feeling of speed and efficiency that comes with DoorDash delivery.

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In a world where burger wars are raging, McDonald’s continues to stand out with its ingenious marketing campaigns. And while rivals like Burger King have taken swipes at the McMarket leader, McDonald’s has stayed true to its brand identity while also experimenting with new ideas. In fact, the brand recently tweaked its famous logo for a brilliant TV ad.

McDonalds doordash
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If you’re a fan of fast food and want to experience the speed and convenience of DoorDash delivery, be sure to check out McDonald’s latest ‘Faster Food’ campaign. These posters are a feast for the eyes and a reminder that fast food doesn’t have to mean compromising on taste or quality.