Here’s How the Singapore Rebrand Vows to Make Passion Possible

The global luxury market was in the bottom line for the last few years and it looks like it’s making a head start due to the opulent Chinese buyers, according to reports released by the luxury consultancy ‘Bain & Co’. At an event in Singapore, held on 24 August 2017, the country revealed their master plan to rebrand Singapore.

Here's How the Singapore Rebrand Vows to Make Passion Possible

Two of the largest government bodies joined hands to promote the country worldwide under one collective message. The new brand is the first joint brand of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB)  and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). The event included the new logo and motto launch of the new brand.

Here's How the Singapore Rebrand Vows to Make Passion Possible

The secret little agency (TSLA) crafted a new logo stamped on the government marketing material and the TBWA created the tagline ‘Passion made possible’ and a new global tourism campaign beginning with the film ‘this is where’. This was launched by Mr. S.Iswaran- minister of trade and industry, a unified brand will be adopted by all other statutory boards and agencies under the MTI (Ministry of trade and industries Ministry of trade and industries) and supported by MCI (Ministry of Communications and information).

Here's How the Singapore Rebrand Vows to Make Passion Possible

The new brand focuses on Singapore‘s passion-driven never settling spirit of determination that constantly pursues possibility and reinvention. Therefore this means different things to different people. And the country is trying to portray what they stand for through telling of many stories about the destination and its people by connecting tourists and citizens of other countries through some true emotional stories and their reflections.

After thorough research and study, the main segments of people identified include-businessmen, consumers/investors, and the travelers. This is when the country realized an abundant opportunity for a unified brand across all sectors.

Here's How the Singapore Rebrand Vows to Make Passion Possible

The STB executive- Mr. Lionel Yeo told “STB is presenting a brand that can tell a fuller Singapore story behind tourism. It will allow us to build a deeper and more personal connection between Singapore and our fans and friends even when they are not actively thinking about travel”. Their core intention was to display the aspirational rather than the transactional side of Singapore. The campaign primarily focused on the idea of talking to various type tribes of tourist including foodies, collectors, explorers, action seekers, culture shapers, socializes and progressors.

The EDB chairman- Mr. Beh Swan Gin told at the event that [dropcap]“This time there is a shift in that we are moving from an investment-driven approach to one focused on innovation.  Singapore and Singaporeans are where we are today because we pushed the limits of what’s possible and did not allow constraints to hold us back”.[/dropcap]

The first phase of the brand  launch will feature three films, due to release this year and this will be later on rolled out in 15 different markets between the months of August and November, to countries like China, Germany, United States of America and the United Kingdom, which would be supported by a number of print and digital advertising bearing the new logo set to be revealed during industry partnerships, consumer launches, trade events and global marketing campaigns.


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