Sprite Bottle to Get a Makeover from Bright Green Packaging to Clear

Coca-Cola Australia is ditching the Sprite green look for a clear look to make the bottles easier to recycle. The makeover will increase the likelihood of the bottles being remade into new bottles, meaning more life.

Kate Miller, Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Australia, said they want their bottles to have more than one life. “All our Sprite bottles under 1 liter are already made from 100 percent recycled PET plastic.” Miller explained this initiative helps to support recycling systems and gives their bottles the best chance of being recycled and processed into new bottles locally. “While Australians have known and loved Sprite in its iconic green bottle for nearly 60 years, we know this is the right thing to do, as we support the transition to circularity for our packaging.”

Sprite Officially Changes Bottle Color from Green to Clear

Rebecca Gilling, Planet Ark CEO, says everyone has a role to play in driving the transition to a circular economy in Australia. “It’s critical that companies like Coca-Cola continue to invest in making sure their products have the best chance of being recycled. If bottles are collected and recycled and then turned into new bottles locally, this ultimately means less demand for new plastic, as well as reduced carbon emissions.”

Gilling highlighted that Container Deposit Schemes are now available or planned to launch in every Australian state and territory to provide an excellent means of clean recycling streams. It helps keep the bottles out of landfill and gives them the best chance of becoming another bottle.

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Nandika Chand