Shopping with Klarna’s AI-Powered Personal Shopper

Swedish Fintech company, Klarna, has recently launched a major redesign of its mobile app, bringing new features including AI-powered for retailers, creators, and shoppers. With a year of steady growth in user base and revenue, the update aims to improve the shopping experience for its users. Here’s a closer look at what Klarna’s new features […]

When ChatGPT Takes the Tech World by Storm: Here’s How Microsoft and Google Responded

OpenAl‘s ChatGPT, a conversational Al model designed to generate natural language, is making waves in the tech industry because of its impressive language processing capabilities. The technology that powers ChatGPT isn’t revolutionary, but OpenAl’s decision to make it available freely on the web exposed millions to this innovative approach. Seeing its global impact, Google and […]

These Four Tips Will Help Brands Boost Sales with ChatGPT and OpenAI

chatGPT, openAI

The newsfeeds of marketers have recently been dominated by AI technologies like chatGPT, openAI, and DALL-E. More businesses are searching for creative methods to use the instrument to their benefit going forward as a result of their distinctive capabilities garnering media attention. All data lovers and marketing experts would be curious about how marketers can […]