5 Best Brand Management Software to Boost your Marketing Automation Success

Brand management software helps business owners and brand managers manage the overall brand messaging of their company. The single, centralized database aids users to create, manage, store, share and distribute assets and files in order to ensure brand consistency across all channels.

They help your team manage workflow processes for creating and approving new marketing assets and collateral. This works best in the case of new marketing campaigns and other activities that help boost brand awareness and loyalty.



Here’s a list of the top five brand management software across the globe. Go ahead and choose the one that caters to your company’s needs, and get started today!


Bynder offers a selection of branding, marketing, and digital asset management (DAM) tools for businesses of all sizes from the smallest SMB to the largest multinational enterprise. Bynder’s DAM is designed to help companies manage, maintain and distribute public and private digital assets, including videos, documents, images or any other form of digital content.

Bynder DAM increases productivity, partly by organizing a company’s digital assets into a centralized, searchable, database that can be accessed by any employee from any location. For security, Bynder DAM uses two-factor authentication and management can change access and editing rules on individual or per-group bases.

Bynder DAM is a cloud-deployed platform and can be accessed from any web browser. It integrates seamlessly with Bynder’s other tools, allowing companies to smoothly add new functionality as needs change over time.

•Roles and groups allow to have a common platform with different rights: to see, to preview, to download.
•Each user can customize his DAM by adding collection or saving filters for recurrent research.
•Sharing is easy.
•Ensures brand compliance
•Uses workflow- collectively allows to nimble in our creative development and asset management.

•For some technical documents, the preview is not useful.
•Graphic design adjustments do take some time and templates are not very customizable or tweakable.


World’s most powerfully simple digital asset management (DAM) platform. Customers love them because of their easy-to-use interface, highly responsive customer support, and thoughtful features. Easily store, share, and showcase what’s important to your brand with their cloud-based SaaS solution. Their intuitive tool empowers brands to become more organized, consistent, and efficient. Brandfolder helps strong brands tell their best brand stories.


•Manage multiple companies/sub-brands under one log-in
•It’s a true team environment where everyone chips in to make both each other and the company better
•Candid communication between all levels in the company
•Fast moving startup culture

•Not a good culture for 9-5/clock watcher types. Hard work is expected (and rewarded)
•Stress – It’s all hands on deck all the time.
•With such an aggressive growth strategy, the only constant is change – not for those looking for comfort in monotony


5 Best Brand Management Software to Boost your Marketing Automation Success
Frontify Enterprise is the brand portal in the digital age used by 1300 companies worldwide including Vodafone, Lufthansa, IBM, Nasdaq, and Bosch. With their cloud-based software, brand managers can create online style guides, manage their brand assets, create UI pattern libraries, brand portals and work collaboratively in creative projects. Strengthen your brand consistency over all channels using Frontify. Ideally suited for Enterprise level companies.

•no deal breakers.
•easy to use, very flexible
•manages several aspects of a brand and keeps them organised in one place
•easily accessible and editable.
•easy handling by drag & drop features
•easy annotating, customization and style guide options
•solution to achieve brand consistency


•Less APIs for 3rd party creative tools
•minor bugs
•minor user interactions aren’t completely smooth


Brandworkz gives marketers and brand managers powerful functionality in a simple, on-brand interface for getting the job done in an increasingly complex world of branding and marketing implementation.


•The artwork and templates make it easy for any team in the business to get hold of the materials they need and being able to view artwork and videos before they get downloaded saves lots of time and frustration.
•The site is very visual and cleverly designed which staffs find instantly useful and easy to navigate.


•minimal updates in the “Reporting” modules – with a poor dashboard experience.
•the search capabilities are not well enhanced


A cloud-based marketing solution that helps businesses of all sizes, across a variety of industries, with content discovery and distribution.
It offers an “online mentions” feature, which shows mentions across social media platforms, blogs, news sites, forms and more, and generates alerts when mentions occur.


•Tracks sudden changes in companies’ discussion volumes, so users can spot issues as they arise, as well as capitalize on positive publicity.
•mention analytics, influence scores, and sentiment analysis
•users can analyze who is talking about their brands online and what they are talking about
•help users identify industry influencers they should be working with, and sentiment analysis helps gauge customer attitudes and satisfaction.
•generates alerts when new brand mentions appear on social media, and it includes data exporting from the system.


•This service does not have social engagement tools.
-Complicated rules of using.

Narrow your choices and manage your online assets effectively with this kick-ass Brand Management Software. Found one you like? Do comment below and let us know!

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