Canvas Worldwide Partners with BrXnd to Redefine Media and Advertising

The world’s second-largest independent media agency Canvas Worldwide has teamed up with BrXnd, a leading AI solutions provider, for a strategic alliance. Together, they will redefine the landscape of media and advertising.

The collaboration between Canvas Worldwide and BrXnd is rooted in a history of successful partnerships between the respective organization’s CEO Paul Woolmington and founder Noah Brier. Woolmington said they will combine their expertise to innovate on new levels. He emphasized the actionable ideas BrXnd offers employees for everyday use.

Brier said Canvas Worldwide’s unwavering commitment to leading in technological advancements is undeniable. “Their relentless pursuit of AI-driven efficiency and innovation, benefitting clients across the organization, is truly remarkable. We are enthusiastic to collaborate and drive business goals that set a new industry standard.”

Canvas Worldwide Partners with BrXnd to Redefine Media and Advertising


Woolmington said the partnership with BrXnd marks a significant milestone for Canvas Worldwide. “We are anticipating transformative projects that will push the boundaries of media and advertising, ensuring Canvas, and our clients, stay at the forefront of an increasingly digital and data-driven world.”

Canvas World is enhancing its partnership with BrXnd by utilizing a range of advanced AI tools and technologies to strengthen its capabilities. It has established an internal multidisciplinary AI Council, a group focused on researching and advancing AI initiatives agency wide. Moreover, Canvas Worldwide AI Council has facilitated innovative AI applications, from streamlining financial processes to acquiring cutting-edge BxXnd research tools.

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