Crocs Offers New Metaverse 3D Shopping Experience With Jibbitz Store

Crocs has enhanced the metaverse shopping experience with its first-ever 3D Jibbitz Customizer to provide customers with a mix-and-match tool to create their own custom pair of Cros with Jibbitz charms.

Customers can use Jibbitz Personalizer, an interactive tool, to select, place and purchase charms in a visual representation of Crocs clogs and sandals, personalizing shoes with their style and creativity. The Jibbitz Experience features an arcade-style claw machine game, with which users can collect virtual Jibbitz to win physical Jibbitz that cost one cent.

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The Jibbitz Store features five virtual departments which are themed for a different Jibbitz assortment type, like Letters to Food and Animals. Shoppers can take advantage of the Jibbitz Customizer, including 3D replicas of Jibbitz charms and clogs in a variety of men’s and women’s sizes. They can have up to 26 different 3D charms to a clog model and purchase the physical version of their custom product. Jibbitz Customizer is part of Crocs broader goal of informing consumers on the types of Jibbitz charms available for purchase.

Crocs has been in the metaverse for quite some time. It launched a global partnership with Bitmoji in 2021 for creating digital avatars. Crocs customers were able to modify their Bitmoji avatars with items from a digital collection of Crocs shoes and Jibbitz charms. Then in 2022, Crocs partnered with rapper Saweetie to design her own custom Jibbitz charms. They opened an interactive virtual store for an immersive experience – featuring Saweetie’s digital avatar welcoming customers to explore the 3D metaverse ecosystem.

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