Doritos Launches Crunch-Cancellation Technology – Doritos Silent

Doritos Silent is the world’s first AI-augmented snack powered by Crunch Cancellation. Aimed at gamers, the groundbreaking crunch-cancellation technology lets users enjoy their favorite chips without distracting others.

Doritos came up with this latest offering after recent research found that 85 percent of gamers choose Doritos chips as their snack of choice. Now, Doritos has empowered gamers with crunch cancellation chips to enjoy.

Fernando Kahane, Global Marketing Head at PepsiCo, said the connection between Doritos fans and the gaming community is undeniable. “Both boldly and unapologetically embrace their individual flavors. Doritos Silent recognizes this bond and demonstrates the brand’s continued commitment to innovation and elevating the experience for gamers who choose Doritos.”

Doritos | AI | Crunch Cancellation
Image Source: Doritos

Doritos collaborated with Smooth Technology for the new crunch cancellation technology. It took six months to develop and involved the technical analysis of more than 5,000 different crunch sounds. Dylan Fashbaugh, the lead developer at Smooth Technology, said it has been an incredible journey working with Doritos to create cutting-edge technology. “We all know that gamers love Doritos, but that unmistakable crunch can often disrupt those intense gaming moments. With ‘Doritos Silent’, we’ve worked to ensure gamers can enjoy the crunch of Doritos without disturbing their fellow players, making for a better gaming experience.”

Matt Watson, the executive creative director of Europe for PepsiCo, said the brand wants to create a ‘stop and stare’ moment. He added the idea is to be disruptive while attempting to solve a problem that gamers say they dislike.

The brand hopes Doritos Silent can benefit millennials and Gen Z who classify themselves as gamers.

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