Facebook’s New Household Audience Targeting Feature

For years, marketers have been using Facebook ads to target their niche audiences. Soon, Facebook will also offer them the capability to target their ads to specific people within a household. Now, how cool is that?

The new household audience targeting feature announced by the social network recently will let brands direct ads to entire families or to specific people within a household. The idea is to aim ads at people who influence purchasing decisions and other ads to the people making the actual purchases.

So imagine, you’re a customer who in the past have purchased from a clothing brand. The brand has your details in their custom audience data that’s uploaded to Facebook. Now, by switching on the household audience targeting feature, the brand will be able to target their ad not only to you but also to other people in your household. So effectively, with the help of this feature the clothing brand can now also influence your wife while she is shopping for you.

Facebook also says that the tool could also potentially reduce wasted ad spend by stopping ad delivery to a specific person if another member in the same household has already purchased a household product or service (eg: Netflix subscription). Additional metrics to track these campaigns will include how many households the advertising reaches, frequency at which they were reached along with few other interesting metrics such as how an ad shown to one person affected a purchase made by someone else.


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