Gucci and Vans Launch Scavenger Hunt Between Two Worlds on Roblox

Gucci has teamed up with Vans, a skate-shoe company, for a first-ever scavenger hunt on Roblox. Players will be able to cross between both worlds to access special items in the metaverse.

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Source: Roblox

Gucci Town has been on the Roblox metaverse since May 2022, while Vans has been since September 2021. This is the first time for the two high-end fashion brands to collaborate on the metaverse. It shows that brands can drive engagement with digital spaces and how metaverse platforms can work toward interoperability to increase adoption.

The Scavenger Hunt

The Gucci Town x Vans World will allow users to navigate obstacles and explore both digital spaces. Players in the scavenger hunt, which ends on May 13, have to look for fabrics and patterns, which can be turned into a shoe accessory or skateboard backpack when all swatches are collected. The aim is to find all the missing pieces in order to receive a shoe or a skateboarding-inspired backpack – these can be used to style the Roblox character.

The collaboration brings together the signature design elements of both brands. Moreover, the game merges Gucci’s unique aesthetic with Van’s classic checkerboard prints. It should be noted that Gucci Vault stores will also house virtual editions of the physical footwear collaboration.

Experts say Gucci Town and Vans World have doubled their digital square footage, using every pixel to host a limited-time scavenger hunt. Vans had earlier participated in Gucci Continuum, wherein designers, brands and artists reinterpreted past Gucci pieces or deadstock fabric and encouraged cross-brand collaborations.

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Nandika Chand