Quantzig Revolutionizes Food and Beverage Industry with Marketing Analytics Solutions

A leading analytics and advisory firm Quantzig is innovating the food and beverage industry with its latest marketing and analytics solutions. Businesses in the food and beverage industry have to stay updated with consumer preferences and trends as they always constantly evolving.

They face significant challenges in effectively reaching their target audience and maximizing ROI on marketing investments. This is where Quantzig’s comprehensive marketing analytics solutions come in. It offers a game-changing approach and enables companies to gain deep insights into consumer behavior, optimize marketing strategies, and drive sustainable growth.

Quantzig Revolutionizes Food and Beverage Industry with Marketing Analytics Solutions

Quantzig conducted a study for driving strategic marketing decisions and delivering tangible business outcomes for clients. The firm provided actionable insights that empowered the client to optimize marketing spend, launch new products, and strengthen future marketing strategies by analyzing diverse data sources, including sales, product, promotions, competitor, and weather data.

Basically, by harnessing the power of advanced marketing analytical tools, businesses can assess potential risks, optimize processes, and forecast current market trends with unparallel precision. Quantzig helped one of its clients, a CPG multinational company headquartered in the United States, with MMM + MTA solution with model refresh and newer weekly data, as well as more adaptive plans to take into consideration of recency effect at any time of the year, and not just at the start of the annual marketing cycle.

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“We began building the intelligence layer followed by attribution models for channels that did not have the direct way of recognizing the share of revenue,” said Quantzig. “We followed it with the calculation of baseline revenue and breakdown of overall revenue for channel-wise spread. We then identified the sensitivities, and efficient boundaries for channel spending with ROI Measurements and enabled a simulation tool kit for marketing analysts to explore different budgeting scenarios and channel allocation.”

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