Samsung Introduces Viewer Panel for Advertisers

Samsung has reached out to the global advertising industry with the rollout of a new 5,000 household opt-in panel, dubbed “TK”, for the brand’s device owners. It wants to help advertisers and agencies navigate the complexities of converging linear TV and streaming audiences.

Justin Evans, Samsung Ads Global Head of Analytics & Insights, during the unveiling of the new panel, highlighted that the challenges for an advertiser get more complicated as audiences shift to streaming. “How do my linear buys overlap with my streaming buys? What audience am I not reaching, or not reaching enough, and most importantly, how can I activate to get the best result for my brand?”

This is Samsung’s giant leap into data, including an expansion of its own ability to measure the viewership of streaming ads on its own TV Plus free, ad-supported service. Evans also announced the launch of a proprietary panel drawn from opted-in Samsung TV owners that they are calling the “TV & You Community”. He said the panel will provide person-level viewing insights across linear, streaming content and ads with a single source, with co-viewing, and with demographics.

The executive explained that advertisers can place linear and streaming on the same playing field to understand how their linear and streaming campaigns are duplicating and to take action. Evans added that insights from these tools will not be used to broker deals between buyer and seller. “We are not competing in the currency space.”

Cathy Oh, Vice President, Global Head of Marketing at Samsung Ads, said smart TVs are much more than just an entertainment vehicle. “Consumers are now using their smart TVs in various ways, such as from shopping to gaming to socializing in the metaverse and much more.” Oh outlined that it will provide advertisers with the much-needed ability to enhance ad experiences for more measurable outcomes.

The electronics giant will offer outcome-driven campaigns tied to key performance indicators (KPIs), including website engagement, console gameplay, in-app content engagement, website action, new viewer acquisition, and TV network tune-in. Advertisers through a partnership with KERV will be able to employ shoppable creative experiences created by artificial intelligence (AI) on the Samsung Ads Platform. Samsung said shoppable TV ads will appear on CTV urging viewers to connect with brands on a mobile device or other second screens so that programming is not interrupted.

Samsung Ads has been working with IPG Mediabrands and four pilot advertisers, including a major automotive brand, a wireless provider, a QSR brand, and a healthcare brand, as part of the beta for the new panel. Later this quarter, Samsung will roll out and expand to reach 5,000 opted-in households by the first quarter of 2024.