Meta Rebrands ‘Made with AI’ Label to ‘AI Info’ for Clearer AI Usage

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has made a significant decision to replace its ‘Made with AI’ label on tagged photos with ‘AI info.’ This change aims to provide clearer and more accurate information about the role of AI in photo creation, addressing user feedback and reducing confusion within the community. Let’s delve into Meta’s response to criticism, the rationale behind the label change, and the company’s commitment to transparency.

Meta Rebrands 'Made with AI' Label to 'AI Info' for Clearer AI Usage
Image credits: Meta

The Need for Clarity

Addressing User Expectations Meta faced criticism after introducing the ‘Made with AI’ label, as photographers expressed dissatisfaction with its application. The label was being assigned to real photos that underwent basic editing processes, rather than being exclusively AI-generated. Understanding the concerns raised by users, Meta acknowledges the widespread confusion surrounding the level of AI involvement in photo creation.

Replacing Labels for Enhanced Transparency

In a blog post, Meta admitted that the initial label failed to effectively communicate to users that tagged photos might not be entirely AI-generated but could involve AI-powered editing tools. The company recognized that the previous labels lacked context and did not align with user expectations. Even minor adjustments made using AI-powered retouching tools were incorrectly labeled as ‘Made with AI,’ contributing to the misunderstanding. To address these issues, Meta has decided to replace the label with ‘AI info’ across all its apps.

Aiming for Clarity and Accuracy

Meta’s transition to ‘AI info’ aims to provide clearer and more accurate information about the role of AI in the creation of tagged photos. While the label has changed, Meta maintains its current technology for detecting the use of AI in photos and applying appropriate labels. The company continues to rely on technical metadata standards such as C2PA and IPTC, which offer valuable information concerning the use of AI tools.

Meta Rebrands 'Made with AI' Label to 'AI Info' for Clearer AI Usage
Image credits: Meta

Understanding the ‘AI info’ Label

With the introduction of ‘AI info,’ Meta aims to clarify that the label does not imply that the entire image was solely created by AI. For instance, if photographers utilize AI-powered tools like Adobe’s Generative AI fill to remove objects from photos, their images may receive the ‘AI info’ label. It is crucial to recognize that this label indicates the presence of AI involvement in specific aspects of photo creation, rather than the complete generation of the image.

Guidelines for Equitable Standards

Meta, along with other social networks, now faces the task of establishing guidelines that are fair and equitable for photographers who integrate AI-enhanced editing tools into their workflows. Striking the right balance between transparency and recognizing the creative contributions of photographers will be crucial in ensuring the continued growth and evolution of photo-sharing platforms.


Meta’s decision to replace the ‘Made with AI’ label with ‘AI info’ demonstrates its commitment to addressing user feedback and enhancing clarity in the realm of tagged photos. By acknowledging the confusion that arose from the initial label and implementing a more accurate representation of AI involvement, Meta aims to meet user expectations and foster transparency within the community. As the company moves forward, it will be essential to establish guidelines that strike a balance between transparency and recognizing photographers’ creative contributions in an era of AI-enhanced editing tools.

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