Warner Bros. Takes Snapchat By Storm With Magical Barbie AR Lens Ad Campaign

Warner Bros. has launched a Barbie AR Lens ad campaign exclusively on Snapchat for Barbie fans. Users can dress up like Margot Robbie’s Barbie or Ryan Gosling’s Ken in fashions based on the Barbie film.

To access this AR lens, users can go to Snapchat’s Lens Carousel or scan the Snapcode with the Snapchat camera. Snapchatters can try out different outfits and accessories inspired by costumes in the upcoming Barbie film which takes to cinemas on July 21. Users can share the pics or videos in a Snap message or a Snapchat Story.

New Barbie posters introduce the full doll house and the many versions of Barbies and Kens. See here | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

Moreover, Warner Bros. Discovery is leveraging Snapchat for fans to transform a collection of famous landmarks around the world into Barbie colors. It includes the New York’s Statue of Liberty, the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, and the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C. Snapchat users in these locations and more can scan the iconic landmarks using the Barbie Lens and see them transform before their eyes into a bright pink-and-pastel version of itself.

Landmarks around the world, July, will be added to the Snapchat Barbie Lens, including the famous Eiffel Tower, Rome’s Colosseum, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, London’s Tower Bridge, and Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate.

Barbie Turns the World Pink With AR Snapchat Lenses

Each location will transform into a bright pink and pastel version of itself like it’s right out of Barbie Land!

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