What is YouTube Select Shorts? How Will it Help Brands? All You Need to Know

YouTube Shorts has gone a step further with the launch of YouTube Select Shorts to help brands and marketers boost their audience and viewership. This feature comes after YouTube Shorts surpassed two billion monthly logged-in users and 70 billion daily views globally. YouTube Select allows brands to connect with their audiences through content that’s not only relevant, contextual, and brand-safe, but also represents the most popular content on the platform.

Google says marketers can reach people in discovery or action mindsets with short-form video, as viewers prefer YouTube for entertainment, information, and connection they can’t get anywhere else. According to MediaScience, YouTube Select Shorts ads are viewed for 90 percent longer than ads on other social competitors.

Melissa Hsieh Nikolic, Director Product Management, YouTube Ads, in a blog said brands can stay top-of-mind in key content areas. “We’re offering advertisers the ability to reach engaged audiences through new lineups in sports; entertainment; beauty, fashion & lifestyle; food & recipes; gaming; and automotive.” It highlighted that Shorts ads offer new ways to make a connection. Google spent the past year analyzing Shorts ads from leading brands. As such, it’s expanding the ABCDs of effective video ads to include creative guidance for video ads on YouTube Shorts.

New lineups for YouTube Select Shorts

The search engine giant said Shorts ads are unlike other ads on YouTube because they feel like they’re part of a viewer’s Shorts feed (think authentic and relatable, like creator-produced content). Google believes casual ads often work well where everyday people can directly address the viewer for that personal touch. It added that short-form videos ads are upbeat. Advertisers should strive for fun and entertaining, something worth sharing.

Nikolic highlighted that from awareness to influencing consideration to driving action, one can do it all on YouTube Shorts. “There are so many ways for brands to show up on YouTube, from Shorts, to connected TV, to our new YouTube Select Shorts lineups, which will be available in the coming weeks in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Korea, and India. Across styles, formats, and lengths, marketers can show off different aspects of their brand’s purpose and personality.”

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