Cadbury Launches New Twirl Mint Bar in ‘Un-advertising’ Campaign

Cadbury has introduced its latest product Twirl Mint bar, a limited-edition, in an “un-advertising” campaign. The tongue-in-cheek campaign pokes fun at the exclusivity of limited-edition bars.

Actually, Cadbury with creative agency VCCP has tapped into reverse psychology to get consumers to try out its Twirl Mint bar. The brand wants to build on the success of previous limited-edition outings Twirl Caramel and Twirl Orange, which were so successful that they became a permanent part of the Twirl range.

Federike Grohmann, Cadbury Twirl brand manager, said they are excited to give consumers the chance to get their hands on the limited Twirl Mint chocolate bar. “Although mint and chocolate can divide opinions, we believe mint chocolate fans will love this so much that we want them to know they need to act quickly to get their hands on one.”

Tom Lee and Vicky David, VCCP creatives, believe Twirl Mint’s going to be very popular. “But it’s a limited edition, there’s not going to be enough for everyone. So we did a ‘worst-practice’ advertising campaign to un-advertise Twirl Mint, doing everything in our power to stop it from becoming too popular.”


Cadbury’s latest campaign for Twirl Mint also includes influencer partnerships, wherein content creators will discourage their followers from trying it. It is about humorously managing demand, and discouraging the general public so that true mint-chocolate lovers will be able to get their hands on one of the new bars.