Froneri’s Irresistible Campaign Makes You Fall in Love With Cadbury’s Caramilk Ice Cream

Froneri, the world’s third-largest ice cream company, has launched a new campaign for its Cadbury Caramilk ice cream. Focusing on Cadbury Caramilk’s iconic flavor, the campaign utilizes stripped-down, simple executions. The campaign features a tablet of Cadbury Caramilk chocolate with an ice-cream-shaped hole cut out of the middle. The image is simple but effective, and it immediately evokes Cadbury Caramilk’s delicious flavor.

A Creative Twist that Celebrates the Key Ingredient

Working closely with creative agencies like VCCP , Bernadette and Girl&Bear, Froneri takes a stripped-back and simple approach to showcase the star of the show – Cadbury Caramilk chocolate. The campaign’s creative executions focus on the irresistible allure of this beloved ingredient. Visuals featured in the campaign captures the essence of the Cadbury Caramilk ice cream and entices viewers to indulge in its creamy, chocolaty goodness.

Iconic Impact and Impressive Results

Charlotte Hambling, Global Marketing Manager at Froneri, expresses her excitement over the creative execution for the Cadbury Caramilk ice cream launch.

“We are thrilled with the creative execution for the launch of Cadbury Caramilk in ice cream. It’s impactful and iconic, hero-ing the much loved Caramilk chocolate bar reimagined in ice-cream form. The ‘You Already Know you’re going to love it’ creative platform is performing very strongly, helping drive impressive growth results on the Cadbury ice-cream range.”

The campaign’s impact and iconic nature shine through, with the beloved Caramilk chocolate bar reimagined in an irresistible ice cream form. The creative platform, ‘You Already Know You’re Going To Love It,’ resonates strongly with consumers, contributing to remarkable growth results for the Cadbury ice cream range. Froneri’s dedication to creating a captivating and memorable campaign has paid off, as ice cream enthusiasts eagerly embrace the new Cadbury Caramilk experience.

Cadbury's Caramilk


Froneri’s integrated campaign for Cadbury Caramilk ice cream is a creative execution that is expected to have a significant impact on the ice cream market. The campaign’s visuals featuring the iconic Cadbury Caramilk chocolate will leave you craving a taste of this irresistible treat. Supported by the ‘You Already Know You’re Going To Love It’ creative platform, Froneri’s collaboration with VCCP, Girl&Bear, and Bernadette promises to deliver an impactful and immersive experience across OOH, social media, and digital channels. The Cadbury ice cream range is already a popular choice for consumers, and the new Caramilk ice cream is sure to be a hit. The campaign will help to raise awareness of the new product and encourage consumers to try it.