Kraft Real Mayo Wants ‘Moist’ as Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year

Kraft Real Mayo is pushing the word “moist” for Merriam-Webster to spotlight it as Word of the Year. It has even dropped off a giant jar of Real Mayo to Merriam-Webster headquarters in Springfield. Kraft is leaving no stones unturned in its queer bid to shed light on the word, moist, which it says is delicious, smooth, and luscious just like its Kraft Real Mayo.

Kraft even left Merriam-Webster a message saying “Here is a 2023 pound jar of Kraft Real Mayo as the Moist Maker, aka the Moistiest. For years, we’ve watched “moist” be degraded by the internet…the media deeming it “universally” hated. We won’t let this slander go on any longer! Our Mayo is indisputable evidence that moist is a great word and that every meal is better moist! Since you’ve done nothing to redeem its true meaning, we’ll keep searching “moist” and hack your competition. With America’s help, we’ll make Moist your Word of the Year.

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Moistly, Kraft Real Mayo.”

Kraft is hosting its version of a hack-a-thon on Twitch with help from creators @companiondish, @maxylobes, and @Bawkbasoup to encourage their followers to spam moist in search queries to boost the term’s rankings and enter for the chance to win free mayo products. Moreover, the brand has paid social ads with a #SearchMoist hashtag to run on TikTok, Instagram, and Reddit to garner support.

Kraft Real Mayo has also dedicated a webpage for “Search Moist”. The company in a statement said “Search Moist” aligns with past Kraft Real Mayo marketing that has played with controversial topics, mayonnaise among them. Its latest marketing gimmick will unite mayo freaks and lovers everywhere.

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