Laugh Out Loud with Vigorsol’s New Ad: Fresh Breath Changes Everything

In a world where dental hygiene campaigns often take themselves too seriously, Air Action Vigorsol dares to be different. The gum brand’s latest campaign flips the script, embracing humor and creativity. Inspired by the likes of Extra and launched as an evolution of the brand’s Keep It Fresh brand platform, this new campaign embraces a surreal and humorous narrative that will capture audiences’ attention. Let’s dive into the creative process behind this refreshing and quirky ad campaign.

The Taste of Liberation

Created in collaboration with creative agency BBH London and directed by the talented Gustav Sundström, the 30-second spot transports viewers to a surreal city populated entirely by conformist plastic mannequins. The ad showcases a city where everything is rigid and conformist—a place populated entirely by plastic mannequins. These lifeless figures move mechanically, adhering to societal norms. But within this monotony lies an unexpected twist. However, when one of these mannequins takes a taste of Air Action for the first time, the unexpected happens – he literally breaks out of his shell, with fittingly amusing results.

The Creative Process

BBH creatives Wil Maxey and Elliott White share insights into the creative process behind the campaign. Utilizing in-camera techniques rather than CGI, the team used 16 mannequins, changing their wigs and clothing for each scene. This approach allows for an authentic look and enhances the humorous impact of the advertisement.

Image credits: BBH London

To create a contrast between the liberated hero and the rest of the mannequin world, the puppeteers controlled the movement of the mannequins, making it appear less natural. This deliberate contrast adds to the comedic effect and reinforces the central message of the campaign.

In Elliott White, the senior creative writer at BBH London’s words, “Working with a cast of mannequins was a dream. They’re excellent at taking direction, and there’s never a hair out of place”.

According to Gloria Barbera, senior brand manager at Vigorsol Perfetti Van Melle, “Our goal was to redefine freshness in a way that resonates with gen z’s values of authenticity and self-expression. By creating a powerful visual narrative of breaking free from conformity, we hope to inspire a generation to embrace their true selves.”

Image credits: BBH London

Release and Distribution

The campaign was strategically released to coincide with the Champions League Final, maximizing its reach and impact. It will be showcased across various platforms, including TV, social media, and digital out-of-home (OOH) advertising in Italy.

The Big Picture

Air Action Vigorsol’s latest campaign showcases the brand’s creativity by breaking free from industry norms. The ingenious use of in-camera effects and mannequin puppetry not only adds an authentic and humorous touch but also serves as a testament to the team’s dedication to their craft. This level of creativity and attention to detail is sure to resonate with audiences, leaving a lasting impression that transcends mere product promotion. By daring to be different and embracing a fresh, comedic perspective, the brand has set a new benchmark for creativity in the industry.

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