Lexus Introduces Compact SUV in Style, Creative Guerrilla Stunt

Lexus has launched its latest compact SUV in the Netherlands with a creative guerrilla stunt. The all-new 2024 Lexus LBX with its premium features is a compact crossover. It’s designed for the style-conscious in the UK and European market.

John De Wit, Lexus Netherlands, said they playfully demonstrated how Lexus offers extraordinary luxuryLeux experiences even within the compact confines of a parking space. To capture attention and engage with the people, Lexus in collaboration with DDB Amsterdam came up with The Parkable Flagship Store – an immersive concept that outsmarted the competition by avoiding sky-high rent, offering the luxury car experience at street level.

Lexus Introduces Compact SUV in Style, Creative Guerrilla Stunt

This was achieved on Amsterdam’s most famous luxury shopping street P.C. Hoofstraat just at the price of a parking space! Furthermore, the store came with high-end lighting, a personal shopping assistant, complimentary coffee, and an umbrella service because the weather in the Netherlands could turn at any minute.

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Nandika Chand