ModTheVeg: Knorr Makes Underrated Veggies the Ultimate Power in Gaming Industry

After supercharging veggies in the real world, Knorr has now stepped into the virtual world. Knorr has embarked on a journey to make vegetables rewarding in the gaming industry.

The world’s top soup brand believes that vegetables are seriously undervalued across popular video games. Games feature veggies but it provides less energy and restorative qualities to gamers’ avatars compared to their meat-based counterparts.

As such, Knorr is the best brand to give in-game vegetables a boost. It has launched a global campaign #ModTheVeg. Created by MullenLowe in a multi-agency partnership, #ModTheVeg is based on the observation that meat-based foods in games earn characters more points than vegetables. The campaign urges game developers to create in-game modifications, known as mods, to generate higher points for vegetables.

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Niek de Rooji, Knorr’s global masterbrand director, said they are thrilled to collaborate with Ninja in highlighting this imbalance for veg in top games worldwide. “We have no idea this was so widespread and bet that gaming publishers haven’t noticed either! This campaign is about getting veg super-charged as much as in the virtual world as they are in the real world.”

Carlos Rodriguez, executive creative director at MullenLowe, said they found that veggies are often underrated versus other types of food. “When we saw that this reality was also true in video games, we knew we had to do something about it. Modding video games was a cool and funny way to start solving the issue, call out the big game publishers for change and connect with a younger audience.”

They highlighted that consuming vegetables such as cabbage in Fortnite gains the gamer 10 points, whereas eating meat gains 15 points. The same can be seen across popular games like Minecraft and World of Warcraft. Moreover, Knorr, as part of its campaign, has invited gaming fans to cast a vote in ballot urging gaming publishers to re-evaluate their games and point systems, reflecting how vegetables are underrated in contrast to other foods in real life.

Knorr has created veggie mods for top gaming titles, making virtual vegetable just as powerful, fun and rewarding as the real deal. The mods, from new culinary experience to veggie parkour, imagine an epic new role for vegetables in two of the world’s favorite games – Minecraft and Fortnite.

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