Heinz Offers “Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle” this Valentine’s Day

Heinz has done it again, beautifully irrational with an “Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle”. On Valentine’s Day, fans can take their favorite ketchup everywhere!

Navjit Dhillon, associate brand manager for Heinz, said they have known there are beautifully irrational things their fans do because of their love for Heinz ketchup. “But launching our new creative platform ‘It Has to be Heinz’ has unlocked so many more than we ever could have expected. One of our favorite behaviors is that fans take their Heinz bottles with them everywhere, so they are never in a ‘ketchup catastrophe’.

“In honor of the time of the year with the most irrational acts of love – the season of love – we wanted to create the equivalent of the trendy emotional support bottle for Heinz fans everywhere, and as such, the Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle was born!”

Comforting Ketchup Bottles : Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle

With Heinz’s new bottles, fans can have their favorite condiment available at all times. These limited-time bottles feature the iconic Heinz ketchup bottle with a perfectly sized cap suitable for sipping, never-before-seen Heinz stickers for personalization, and a handy carrying strap.

Moreover, the brand has collaborated with Wieden + Kennedy and Carat to run a paid social campaign on Instagram and TikTok. Heinz is also partnering with lifestyle and foodie creators to dress up their own Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle with the branded stickers and to take followers along for a day in the life with the bottle.

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Nandika Chand