Summer Rewind: Walmart Taps into Y2K Nostalgia Trend

Walmart has winded back to everything 90s and early aughts – Summer Rewind, a playground for grown-ups. Summer Rewind is a 33-city, cross-country installation wherein customers travel back in time and experience Walmart’s stores like a kid again. It gives customers the chance to do all the things they were never allowed to do as kids.

Basically, Summer Rewind seeks to bring consumers back to more innocent times while enabling them to do things they were forbidden from growing up, like climbing into a freezer in the frozen food aisle or diving into the retailer’s caged ball pits.

Walmart’s promotional material showcases a life-sized Barbie box with which visitors can stand to take pictures. It’s an adaptation of the iconic Mattel toy which recently surpassed $1 billion at the global box office.

Customers can walk through an oversized Smiley entrance for a throwback of fun. Take a turn at the Walmart vending machine for the chance to win an exciting surprise, like getting into the freezer! The freezer is complete with a colorful collection of delicious summer treats. Those wanting to feel like a kid again, get to experience what it’s like to climb into the famous Walmart ball cage. Customers can also get into a life-size toy box for an epic photo opp.

Walmart’s Summer Rewind kicks off on August 18 and can be experienced in cities throughout the United States.

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Nandika Chand