You’ve Got a Friend in Philly: Philadelphia’s Heartwarming Friendship Campaign

Philadelphia, the cream cheese brand, has launched a new global brand purpose, positioning, and campaign. Aimed at spreading friendship, the new positioning celebrates the brand’s ability to nourish authentic friendship moments. Let’s explore how Philadelphia is launching this movement and rekindling the importance of meaningful relationships in our lives.

Nourishing Authentic Connections

Philadelphia’s new positioning revolves around recognizing and nourishing genuine friendship moments. According to Ogilvy‘s research, the brand has been identified as a symbol of comfort and a catalyst for social connections. In an era where friendships often take a backseat, Philadelphia aims to remind us of the significance of these bonds.

Anchoring Key Moments with Philadelphia

The integrated campaign, led by WPP‘s All-Star Team and supported by INGO, VMLY&R Italy, and Ogilvy Madrid, is set to make a splash across various mediums. From captivating TV and cinema spots to engaging social media presence, Philadelphia aims to anchor key moments throughout friendships by bonding people socially.

According to Philadelphia’s head of brand equity Europe, Derya Seyman,

“Hidden in their namesake city of Philadelphia, among the letters, was something special. ‘Philia’ is an ancient word for the love we have for our friends. The ancient Greeks thought this love was more important than romance or family, but modern life has stretched us thin, leaving our friendships deprioritized and millennials feeling lonelier than ever. Deeply rooted in its heritage, Philadelphia could remind people to break bread with their friends.”

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The Campaign

The campaign, called ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Philly’, leverages craft, creativity, and science to create impact. The 45-second launch spot spearheaded by award-winning director Vince Squibb, the campaign aims to examine how Philadelphia can help anchor key moments throughout a friendship, acting as a social binding agent. The campaign will be supported with a new dedicated website, a pan-European campaign, influencer partnerships, and a ‘design world’, centered around a global typeface, fresh identity, and art direction based on the idea that Philadelphia is the perfect accompaniment to food.

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A Global Push for Deeper Purpose

The repositioning gives Philadelphia, owned by the Mondelēz International snack company, a deeper sense of purpose and cultural role. While still focused on taste and enjoyment, the brand now also stands for the human need to connect. The integrated campaign represents a significant global marketing push for Philadelphia. The new brand platform provides a unified creative direction as the spread heads into more markets worldwide. Ogilvy and the other WPP shops involved in developing the campaign have helped lay the groundwork for Philadelphia’s next growth chapter.

Final Thoughts

Jules Chalkley, Ogilvy UK’s chief executive creative director, couldn’t have said it better: “it’s more important than ever to appreciate and celebrate the people who make us feel seen, heard, sane, loved and happy.” Just like that, Philadelphia’s campaign is all about the power of friendship and how it can change our lives. By the looks of it, Philadelphia wants to start a worldwide movement that focuses on building real connections and spreading the joy of friendship.

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