Feast for Your Eyes: Gustini’s New Look is as Delicious as its Food

Gustini is an online marketplace that sells food from small Italian producers to a mostly German audience. They’re known for sharing authentic stories about Italian cuisine and culture. Recently, Gustini’s decision is to refresh their brand after 15 years. Let’s explore how they revitalized their brand and celebrated Mediterranean culinary delights.

Embracing the Mediterranean Essence of ‘La Dolce Vita’

Gustini partnered with Koto, a global brand and digital studio that has worked with some of the most iconic brands in the world. The goal was to embrace the essence of ‘La Dolce Vita/The Good Life’ and showcase the rich culinary heritage and stories behind the Italian producers. The result is a stunning new brand identity and e-shop that reflects Gustini’s vision, values, and impact while honoring its rich history and legacy. The new identity, which was unveiled this week, is based on a singular defining idea: ‘The Good Life’.

‘The Good Life’

‘The Good Life’ is more than just a slogan. It is a philosophy that guides everything that Gustini does. It refers to the Mediterranean essence of ‘La Dolce Vita’, the concept of living a life full of pleasure, joy, and beauty. It is also a reference to the stories surrounding the producers, the dedication to quality, and the culinary adventures that Gustini offers to its customers.

As Koto explains, “Gustini is a brand that celebrates the good life of Italian cuisine. It is a brand that showcases the diversity and variety of Italian food, from the different regions, traditions, and seasons. It is a brand that connects customers with the producers, who are passionate and proud of their craft and products. It is a brand that invites customers to discover, taste, and enjoy the excellence of Italian food, and to share it with their loved ones.”

Image credits: koto.studio

By embracing this idea, Gustini aims to expand its reach to a broader audience and attract a younger demographic, while also retaining its loyal fanbase. Gustini wants to inspire people to appreciate the beauty and diversity of Italian cuisine and culture, and to experience the good life for themselves.

How Does the New Identity Express ‘The Good Life’?

Gustini’s new identity showcases the spirit and personality of the brand through its new logo, typography, color palette, patterns, photography style, and tone of voice. The new logo features a tribute to classic Italian graphic design, while the typography strikes a balance between character and legibility. Inspired by Italy, the new color palette features red terracottas, the sea, and the warmth of the sun. The new patterns are inspired by the 11 categories of products offered on Gustini’s website, while the new photography style captures the good life of Italian cuisine. The new tone of voice is optimistic, empathetic, and deliberate, inviting customers to join the good life of Italian cuisine.

Gustini koto Italian cuisine The Good Life La Dolce Vita
Image and all media credits: koto.studio

What Are the Benefits of the New Identity?

The new identity of Gustini is not just a cosmetic update. It is a strategic move to better communicate the value and relevance of Gustini to its audiences, partners, and stakeholders. The new identity aims to:

  • Increase awareness and recognition of Gustini as a unique and authentic brand that celebrates the good life of Italian cuisine and culture.
  • Attract and engage more customers, by showcasing the diversity and quality of Gustini’s products and services, and by creating a sense of belonging and community.
  • Inspire and empower more customers to discover, taste, and enjoy the excellence of Italian food, and to share it with their loved ones.
  • Celebrate and honor the rich history and legacy of Gustini, while also looking forward to the future and the potential of Gustini to grow and innovate.

The Enhanced User Experience

In addition to the visual redesign, Koto improved the user experience on Gustini’s e-commerce website. The focus was on enhancing user navigation, showcasing products, and highlighting special offers at key moments during the customer journey. The goal was to make it easier for customers to discover, purchase, and have their favorite Italian products delivered directly to their doorstep. The Gustini website serves as a platform for sharing the compelling stories of the hard-working producers behind the Italian products. Connecting customers with the people and passion behind the food has always been central to Gustini’s appeal, and the new website continues to prioritize these narratives.


Weaving recollection and revitalization, Koto cultivates a destination designed to feed fascination with findings foreign yet familiar. With Koto, Gustini has undergone a revitalization of its brand, embracing the essence of ‘La Dolce Vita’ and celebrating the rich culinary heritage of Italy. The new identity, with its image-led website, vibrant color palette, and compelling storytelling, invites customers to experience the excellence of Italian products and immerse themselves in the Gustini passion for quality and ‘The Good Life’.

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