Minute Maid ‘Sells Itself’, Gives a Creative Shout to Minute Maid Zero Sugar

Minute Maid Zero Sugar is set to attract new consumers seeking hard-to-find zero-sugar juice drink options that deliver great taste. The juice brand’s latest product stands on its own without promotion.

Minute Maid is highlighting is core message ‘Sells Itself’, through its first global marketing campaign featuring award-winning actor Jon Hamm. The campaign celebrates Minute Maid Zero Sugar as an effortless choice. Through ‘Sells Itself’, the brand aims to boost awareness and engagement. It showcases Minute Maid Zero Sugar’s unrivaled credentials in a fun and refreshing way.

Katalin Czigler, Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy, said they cracked the code for a breakthrough innovation. “We’ve brought back former juice drinkers and attracted new consumers seeking hard-to-find zero-sugar juice drink options that deliver great taste. Minute Maid Zero Sugar has been flying off the shelves without a dedicated marketing push, which speaks to the product’s quality.”

Minute Maid Sells Itself

Czigler believes the ‘Sells Itself’ campaign is a best-in-class example of The Coca-Cola Company’s networked marketing model in action. She said it showcases the shift from traditional marketing to a digital-first approach that balances local relevance with global scale.

Alex Ames, Senior Director, Content and Creative Excellence, said they have been waiting for the right moment to creatively shout to the world about what makes the product so special. “We haven’t talked about Minute Maid Zero Sugar until now because we haven’t had to-true to the campaign, the drink is so delicious it has been selling itself.”

Ames said Jon Hamm was the perfect fit for their campaign. He touted his comedic timing, approachable personality and cross-generational cachet. “It was Jon Hamm or bust. We wanted to pair this iconic brand with an equally iconic partner who could authentically channel the brand’s voice and the ‘Sells Itself’ campaign idea.”

Hamm said its refreshing to work with a brand like Minute Maid. “I’m honored to help kick off Minute Maid Zero Sugar’s campaign – even though, as the ad suggests, the product doesn’t necessarily need celebrity endorsement because its great taste sells itself. It’s refreshing to work with a brand that is not only loved by consumers but is also willing to have a little fun with its marketing campaigns. Although it is confusing that they’re asking me to write this quote when they specifically and explicitly told me I had to do, and I quote, ‘nothing’…”

Ames added that you have to look like an icon, one has to be iconic. “By cleaning up the visual identity with a more confident look-and-feel, and complementing it with the right tone and personality to recruit new consumers – we’re getting the juices flowing again on Minute Maid.”

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