India’s Winning Streak Continues with 10 Medals on Cannes Lions 2023

India had a fantastic day three at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2023, winning 10 medals, including four silver and six bronze. The country’s total medal tally now stands at 16, with the creative industry continuing to flourish with innovative campaigns and ideas. Let’s take a closer look at the winning campaigns and the agencies behind them.

Leo Burnett Wins Big with Three Silver Accolades

Leo Burnett bagged three silver accolades on day three of the Cannes Lions 2023. The first award was for creative data under the data integration category, for its work with Lay’s Smart Farm. The campaign used data to create a personalized experience for consumers and educate them about sustainable agriculture practices.

The agency’s Oreo India’s ‘Bring Back 2011’ campaign won two silvers under the social and influencer lions and PR lions categories. The campaign was a nostalgic tribute to the year Oreo was first launched in India and leveraged social media influencers to build buzz and engagement.

Talented Agency’s ‘Or Travel on Cleartrip’ Wins a Silver Accolade

Talented Agency won a silver accolade under the media lions category for its work with Cleartrip. The campaign promoted the brand’s travel booking app, Or, and showcased its unique features through a series of creative ads.

Bronze Accolades For Leo Burnett, Talented Agency, Dentsu Creative, and Mindshare India

Leo Burnett bagged a bronze for Airtel’s 175 Replayed campaign under PR lions. The campaign celebrated 25 years of Airtel and created a buzz by bringing back iconic ads and jingles.

Talented Agency also won a bronze for its work with Swiggy‘s ‘Why is this a Swiggy ad?’ campaign. The campaign was recognised under the innovative use of community category and leveraged user-generated content to showcase Swiggy’s brand story.

Dentsu Creative won a bronze under the media lion category for Mortein‘s ‘Suraksha ka Teeka’ campaign. The campaign highlighted the importance of vaccination and used innovative storytelling to create awareness.

Leo Burnett and EssenceMediacom‘s work on Whisper‘s ‘The Missing Chapter’ bagged a bronze under the media insights and strategy category. The campaign aimed to destigmatise menstruation and educate young girls on menstrual health.

Mindshare India won one bronze for Dove‘s ‘Thumb Stopping Beauty Biases’ campaign. The campaign highlighted the impact of beauty biases and aimed to create a positive social change by encouraging people to embrace diversity and inclusivity.

The third day of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2023 was full of excitement as the winners in the Creative B2B, Creative Data, Direct, Media, PR, and Social and Influencer Lions were announced. The winners of the Grand Prix awards included Argentina, Canada, the USA, and Australia. Read on to know more wins for the third day of the festival of creativity.

Creative B2B Grand Prix Goes to Brazil

Celebrating game-changing creative work in the B2B space, ‘Eart4’, created by AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, for B3 Stock Exchange and UN Global Compact, secured the Grand Prix.

Creative Data Lions: GUT’s ‘The Artois Probability’ Wins the Grand Prix

The Creative Data Lions received 418 entries, celebrating the interplay of ideas and information. Fifteen Lions were awarded, with the Grand Prix going to GUT, Buenos Aires, Argentina, for ‘The Artois Probability’, created for Stella Artois. The campaign showcased the use of creative data by intertwining historical knowledge, art, and technology, raising brand awareness and presenting an opportunity for outdoor installations, offering a unique experience for audiences.

Direct Lions: FCB Toronto’s ‘Runner 321’ Takes Home the Grand Prix

The Direct Lions received 1,939 entries, celebrating targeted and response-driven creativity. Sixty Lions were awarded, with the Grand Prix going to FCB Toronto, Canada, for ‘Runner 321’, created for Adidas.

Ogilvy and DAVID’s ‘#Turnyourback’ Grabs the Grand Prix In Media Lions

The Media Lions received 1,853 entries, demonstrating work that enhances and amplifies through game-changing channel strategy. At the end, the Grand Prix went to Ogilvy, London, and DAVID, Madrid, for ‘#Turnyourback’, created for Dove.

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DoorDash’s ‘Self Love Bouquet’ Gets The Grand Prix

The PR Lions, honouring strategic and creative communication with storytelling at its core, which establishes, protects, and enhances reputation and business, received 1,600 entries. And the Grand Prix goes to GUT, Los Angeles, USA, for ‘Self Love Bouquet’, created for DoorDash.

‘Flipvertising’ Flips Gen Z for Samsung Win

The Social and Influencer Lions received 1,462 entries, celebrating creative work that engages communities and drives conversation. The Grand Prix went to CHEP Network, Sydney, Australia, for ‘Flipvertising’, created for Samsung. The campaign flipped the idea of ad targeting to create a competition for Australian GenZers to win a flagship Galaxy Z Flip 4 phone, boosting brand sales by 34%.

Mindshare, PHD Worldwide, and Wavemaker Win the Media Network of the Year Award

The Media Network of the Year Award was presented to Mindshare, PHD Worldwide, and Wavemaker. The award honours the best-performing media networks at Cannes Lions based on the total number of points awarded to entries submitted by each network.


Day three of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2023 was a triumph for creative work worldwide especially for India with 10 medals. Mindshare, PHD Worldwide, and Wavemaker were awarded the Media Network of the Year accolade, while the Grand Prix winners in the Creative B2B, Creative Data, Direct, Media, PR, and Social and Influencer Lions categories included campaigns from Argentina, Canada, the USA, and Australia. These awards showcase the diversity and innovation of the advertising industry and the power of creativity to make a positive impact on society. Congratulations to all the winners, and we look forward to more exciting campaigns in the future.

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