Apple and Paramount in Talks to Combine Streaming Services

Apple and Paramount are in early-stage talks to tackle brutal competition by bundling or combining their streaming services and offering discounts to their users. If things go well, users will be able to subscribe to both Apple TV+ and Paramount+ at a reduced cost.

With their contrasting content strategies, Apple and Paramount are ideal for a bundle. Apple TV+ offers a robust library of exclusive and prestige content, while Paramount boasts a larger back-catalog of recognizable TV shows and movies.

Apple TV+ and Paramount+ combined bundle package is something to look out for. The two streaming platforms may be headed for a collaboration given a drop in subscriptions. AppleTV+’s user base dropped when the company hiked its subscription prices, citing higher-quality content and features. Paramount had also raised its subscription charges earlier in the year, but it didn’t do much. But then most OTT platforms, including Netflix and Disney, have raised their subscription charges to boost growth.

Apple TV Paramount Free Netflix on an Imac Stock Photo

Apple TV is stated to be amongst the streamers with the lowest subscriber bases compared to other services in the same market. It plans to launch several big-budget titles, including Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, Slow Horses Season 3, Killers of the Flower Moon, and others, to justify its price increase.

Paramount+ saw revenue surge 38 percent in the third quarter as it added 2.7 million subscribers, hitting a total of 63 million globally. Advertising revenue in the streaming unit climbed 18 percent, and viewing hours across Paramount+ and Pluto TV grew 46 percent.

If the combined or bundling partnership goes ahead, it will benefit and do wonders for both Apple TV and Paramount+.

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