BiteLabs: Hungry House Merges with MegaBite to Create an International, Multi-brand Entity

Hungry House, a fast casual restaurant platform based in New York, has merged MegaBite to form a multi-brand entity ‘BiteLabs’ to deliver curated, chef-backed cuisine. Together, the two companies have 13 locations in three countries – USA, Mexico, and Peru.

They will continue to operate as vertically integrated players to maintain their mutually high levels of food quality and hospitality. Pedro Neira, CEO of MegaBite and the newly formed entity, said Hungry House and MegaBite operating together have the potential to be the most innovative, tech-enabled, multi-brand fast-casual restaurant group across the Americas.

“We’ll continue to bring our vision of chef-backed hast casual restaurants with a dynamic in-store experience, and a robust native app, to diverse audiences passionate about great food. This will uplift choice for the consumer with groundbreaking, high-quality culinary brands developed in partnership with today’s most exciting chefs and provide a range of choice for the consumer facilitated by algorithmically personalized options.”

BiteLabs: Hungry House Merges with MegaBite to Create an International, Multi-brand Entity

Neira highlighted that they are not a ghost kitchen platform. “Given that our customers can reach us with in-person eating in our restaurants, via pick-up, through third-party apps, as well as online through our own native apps and websites. I would say our business model mirrors more that of Sweetgreen, CAVA, and Shake Shack. The only difference is that we are serving multiple brands in our locations and not just one.”

The CEO said the merger creates an immense opportunity for expansion. “Hungry House provides the joint entity with expertise in business-to-business catering service, while MegaBite offers extensive expertise in data-driven, food delivery optimization across its multiple sales channels.”

Moreover, Neira said they aim to significantly increase their revenue performance. BiteLabs will also work toward world-class unit economics across its soon-to-be 15 locations in the retail-forward model, and collaborate with inspiring chef partners to delight curious diners from the US to Latin America.

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