Cracker Jack Celebrates Baseball with ‘Cracker Jack at the Ballpark’ Exhibit

Cracker Jack popcorn, a fan-favorite snack, has partnered with the National Baseball Hall of Fame to celebrate how deeply the brand is engrained in the sport.

Josh Rawitch, National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum president, said no trip to the ballpark is complete without a visit to the concession stands, where Cracker Jack has reigned as one of baseball’s most popular snacks since the early 1900s. “This exhibit honors the rich history and connection Cracker Jack has to the game and the heartfelt, nostalgic moments it evokes among baseball fans.”

The Hall of Fame and Cracker Jack worked together to identify the most meaningful artifacts from the American brand’s archives to highlight its legacy in baseball. Dave Winfield, 2001 Hall of Fame Inductee and honorary curator, helped Cracker Jack capture the passion and excitement athletes and fans have for baseball and the brand.

Cracker Jack baseball

“When I look back at my career, I’ll always cherish the energy that fills the stadium when fans take to their feet and sing out for Cracker Jack during the seventh-inning stretch. As an honorary curator, it is important to make sure the exhibit reflects how special going to a game and enjoying Cracker Jack is to baseball fans.”

Leslie Vesper, vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay North America, said fans have felt the joy that Cracker Jack brings to baseball for decades. “Cracker Jack at the Ballpark allows visitors of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum to once again experience those cheerful moments associated with both the brand and the sport.”

Cracker Jack is leveling up its famous prizing, to celebrate the opening of ‘Cracker Jack at the Ballpark’ by giving one lucky baseball fan, and three of their friends a VIP experience to visit the exhibit in Cooperstown during Hall of Fame Induction Weekend 2024 (July 19-22).

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