Pond’s Skin Institute Partners with Kiara Advani to Reclaim Leadership in Beauty

Beauty brand Pond’s Skin Institute has appointed Kiara Advani, the iconic celebrity face, as its latest brand ambassador. With this partnership, Pond’s aims to strengthen its connection with audiences, reclaiming its frontrunner position in the beauty and well-being industry. Let’s explore how this collaboration combines innovation, aspirational beauty, and skincare excellence.

Elevating Skincare with a Remarkable Partnership

Pond’s Skin Institute, known for its skincare breakthroughs and patents, has chosen Kiara Advani as its brand ambassador. Kiara, a renowned beauty and style icon, has won hearts across the nation while establishing herself as a critically acclaimed actress. Through this partnership, Pond’s aims to deliver its messaging through science, captivating storytelling, and a meaningful connection with consumers.

Kiara Advani’s Delight on Joining Pond’s Skin Institute

Kiara’s return to the brand marks a new chapter in their partnership. Sharing her excitement about this collaboration, Kiara Advani expressed her delight in being associated with a heritage beauty brand renowned for its dedication to quality. “As their ambassador in this new chapter, I look forward to our continued commitment to skincare excellence,” she said.

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A New Era for Pond’s Skin Institute

Pratik Ved, skincare head at Hindustan Unilever Limited, welcomes Kiara to the Pond’s family, symbolizing a new era for Pond’s Skin Institute. Acknowledging Kiara’s iconic beauty and style, this strategic partnership exemplifies the brand’s dedication to merging innovation with aspirational beauty. Pond’s Skin Institute aims to maintain its leadership in skincare through this collaboration.

The Launch of Pond’s New TVC

Kiara Advani will feature in Pond’s new TVC, set to dominate both traditional and digital platforms across the country. This advertising campaign aims to reach a wide audience, showcasing Pond’s commitment to skincare excellence and its innovative products.

Availability and Accessibility

Pond’s products, celebrated for their quality and efficacy, are easily accessible through various retail outlets, including modern and traditional stores, as well as e-commerce and quick-commerce platforms online. This ensures that customers can conveniently experience the brand’s skincare offerings.

Kiara Advani

Final Thoughts

With Kiara Advani as the face of Pond’s Skin Institute, the brand aims to reclaim its frontrunner position in the beauty and well-being industry, merging innovation with aspirational beauty. This strategic partnership underscores Pond’s dedication to providing consumers with the finest skincare solutions while inspiring them with Kiara’s iconic beauty and style.

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