TIDL and Virat Kohli Partner to Transform Pain Relief in India

TIDL, America’s leading pain relief brand, is set to revolutionize pain management in India through a groundbreaking partnership with cricket superstar Virat Kohli and the esteemed Baidyanath Group. This collaboration aims to transform the understanding of pain and empower individuals to take control of their well-being. Let’s explore the innovative approach and next-generation solutions that TIDL brings to the Indian market.

Virat Kohli
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A Holistic Approach to Pain Management

TIDL goes beyond traditional pain relief. Their innovative product line, formulated with a unique blend of clinically proven ingredients and natural plant extracts, targets the source of pain for fast-acting, soothing relief. But TIDL’s mission is about more than just numbing the ache. They believe in empowering individuals to manage their pain and reclaim their active lives. With products like Cryotherapy Spray, Heat Therapy Spray, Cryotherapy Joint Cream, Numbing Pain Patch, and Heat Therapy Roll On, TIDL offers a range of options for addressing pain, whether it’s for daily activity, overnight relief, fitness, or clinical-strength applications. This innovative approach targets the source of pain, providing fragrant, soothing, and instant relief for various pain-related scenarios, from daily activities to fitness and clinical-strength applications.

Virat Kohli
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Pain shouldn’t restrict us,” says Prashant Raj, co-founder and COO of TIDL. “It affects our sleep, focus, and overall well-being. TIDL is here to break those barriers and help Indians get back to the things they love, be it fitness, family, or work.

No Pain, No Limits

Virat Kohli, known for his dedication and resilience on the cricket field, perfectly embodies TIDL’s philosophy. “As a sportsperson, you learn to adapt to a higher pain threshold. I’ve taught myself to live with it without compromising on my goals. Pain is a constant challenge, hindering quality of life. TIDL is a game-changer, letting you reclaim the joy of living by changing the way you find relief. I’m delighted to represent this brand as the ambassador. Looking forward to making India pain-free. No Pain, No Limits! ” Kohli shared.

Empowering Health and Wellness

The collaboration between TIDL and the Baidyanath Group underscores a shared vision of promoting holistic living and empowering individuals to achieve optimal health and wellness. Baidyanath, a trusted name in Ayurveda for generations, brings its expertise in research, development, and distribution to the table. This combination of cutting-edge innovation and established legacy ensures TIDL products are accessible and effective for a wide range of Indian consumers. This partnership along with Virat Kohli’s endorsement is a testament that TIDL’s introduction in India is set to transform pain relief solutions with an emphasis on preventing and treating pain.

Virat Kohli
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According to Baidyanath’s President and TIDL India Director Siddhesh Sharma, “We dream and work towards seeing a healthier India everyday and TIDL fits into our group’s ethos seamlessly. TIDL is the future of pain relief, it’s excellent for prevention and treatment both. Baidyanath brings infrastructure in R&D, manufacturing and distribution giving TIDL the perfect launch pad in India.

Final Thoughts

This groundbreaking partnership between renowned cricketer Virat Kohli and TIDL, which has been made possible through the facilitation of the esteemed Baidyanath Group, marks a significant turning point in the landscape of pain relief in India. Serving as the prominent ambassador for this innovative brand, Virat Kohli’s endorsement stands as a compelling affirmation of the effectiveness of TIDL’s pain management solutions. With Kohli’s steadfast dedication to enabling individuals and TIDL’s pioneering approach to comprehensive pain relief, this powerful collaboration is set to overcome the longstanding obstacles that have impeded India’s journey toward a life free from pain.

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