Capri Sun Introduces Kid Noise-Canceling Juice Drink Packs

Parents can now make the most of 50 seconds of calmness with Capri Sun Juice Drink which now comes in noise-canceling packs. The “Kids Noise-Canceling Juice Drink” is a repackaging of the brand’s beloved product. It mimics the style of noise-canceling headphones and gives parents a much-needed moment to themselves.

Capri Sun Juice Brand partnered with Taskrabbit to give parents the luxury of delegation. Parents can enjoy a bit more “me time” knowing that their back-to-school to-do list is being taken care of. Samantha Mills, Associate Director, of Brand Communications, said Capri Sun understands that back-to-school season is a hectic time and the Kid Noise-Canceling Juice Drink shows their appreciation for parents by providing them 50 seconds of calm.

“When parents buy these new juice packs, they are buying themselves some much-needed peace and quiet. Our partnership with TaskRabbit is a strategic effort to give parents what they really need – time to themselves without worry.”

Available for purchase on, the boxes contain two juice drink packets and a $100 TaskRabbit gift card for parents to delegate off jobs to the marketplace’s gig workers.

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